Activity 2022‑01‑25






Winter 2021 USA


Shockers at Dental Brothers
lost 6:10 (official result 0:5 forfeit)


Sterling's car broke so he did not come and we were one less. The tactic was simple. One goalie, three in defense, and me as a forward trying to score the goal. In the second minute, I stole the ball to sweeper and went alone on the goalie, but 3 players were hunting me hard and eventually catches me before I could shoot. Never mind, a few minutes after I scored the beautiful extra-class goal to the left-top corner of the net with my left foot (still trying to save the right one). Anyway, we lost half 1:5, so Jimmy decided to forfeit and he took some players from the opponent's team, so we can play an even game. Since then it was a bit more fun, but we still lost. I added 3 more goals in the second half, mostly after cooperation with the opponent's coplayers. That made 4 for me today, which was good.

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