Activity 2022‑12‑18






Winter 2022 USA


Four Peaks Brewers 40 - D-1 FC 40 7:3 (3:2)
SUASL Soccer Game (play-offs, semifinals)

lost, me 2 goal passes, 1 goal

After the game, two players from Sirocco came to me a said I played a very good game, but that was not enough to remedy my upset about how we lost a match we should have won.


I started as a forward with Erick and this cooperation worked well. He knew how to pass me, so no wonder that in the first 10 minutes I had 2 shoots from the right side with my left foot (both over) and one long run which I finished very close outside the post.

But we scored the first goal anyway. I made the run and a good cross from the right side, Vince finished it, but the goalie caught it. Erick was in the right place at the right moment and scored from the rebound. But then we got three goals and we were loosing 3:1. At the end of the first half, I made a similar run on the left side and made a good back-pass with the left foot. Danny was there and scored the goal near the right post.

In the second half, I thought we would play better, but we got a goal after the corner almost immediately. Anyway, I kept trying hard and it eventually paid off, when Jason passed me in the middle, I outrun two defenders and scored the goal under the falling goalie.

Overall we played not well, we made unlogical shoots from unrealistic angles instead of crosses. I made two crosses in the first half (both goals) and two in the second, and sometimes I found my teammates surprised that a long ball is coming to the box. Erick was the only one who understood this and he made a very good cross in the first half and Vince almost scored the goal.

Another mistake on my side is that many times I passed the ball where I should not have. First half to Chris in the box and in the second half to Jim and Bruce in front of the box. I should have taken the ball, used speed, try to dribble, and finish it myself. Lesson learned for the next game:)

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