Activity 2023‑01‑22






Winter 2022 USA


Romanos 40 - D-1 FC 40 0:6 (0:1)
SUASL Soccer Game (spring season; round 1)

won, me 2 goals, one goal pass, one post

The game was quite rough, with two red cards. One on our side (Trent - new guy) and one on their side shortly after.


This game was scheduled super early at 8 AM. Later they changed it to 9 AM due to freezing weather. But still very early for me thus I arrived late. I went into the field in 25. minute and stayed till the end of the game. In the first half I was sleeping there:) The only goal we scored was by Max, but that happened before I went on the field and I did not even notice it.

The second half was better. Ericks scored an admirable goal with a header and then Mike after Max's pass. Then I got into a chance where the defender or goalie kicked the ball into my head, which was very painful. However, since that moment I finally woke up and started playing well. I scored the first goal after Max's pass from the left side. Then I stole the ball to their defender and went around the goalie and scored my second goal. In the end, I made a nice shot from around 20 meters, but the goalie deflected it to the post. The ball rebounded back, I passed it to Max who scored a goal into the empty net.

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