Activity 2023‑12‑16






Winter 2023 USA


The Running Elves 5K Race
(5 kilometers run)

Winner in my Age Group, 7th overall. They game me a nice medal:)


Like last weekend (2023-12-10) I decided the day before that I would run. This place was much closer, but that was not very good, because I ate a late breakfast and my stomach was acting funny during the race. Also, they started 2 minutes early, which kind of disappointed me as I just finished my warmup a few seconds before.

On the start again the same youngster and winner from the previous week, Maddox Bonilla, ran very fast. But I have learned my lesson already and this time I did not try to catch him. I ran my pace instead. The final time was 9 seconds worse than the last week. But for me, it was a superior good time, because on the track I felt like sick. Therefore I was quite surprised with the good resulting time.

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