Activity 2023‑12‑19






Winter 2023 USA


ARAD at Shockers
lost 10:11, me 2 goals

Before the game, I was complaining to Chad and Jimmy that this league is too easy for us. Last week (2023-12-12) we played with the second-best team in our division (after us) and they did not even give us a hard time. Since we lost today, karma hits us quite hard and I won't be complaining about this anymore:)


It is difficult for me to recall all the details from this game after such a long time. But what I remember I scored in the first half with the left foot and from the penalty in the second half.

It was up and down by one goal the whole game. David was scoring most of our goals and I passed him on many of those. I wanted to win so badly and I think everybody wanted as well. Unfortunately, I missed my second penalty kick at the end, when it was 10:10. It could have been a winning goal.

But we get the goal instead. Last minute or two we tried hard to tie the game. We shot like crazy, but many times we hit defenders or the goalie was doing the miracles. I had a little trauma from that penalty, but there were many chances after that anyway.

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