Activity 2023‑12‑26






Winter 2023 USA


FC Bayers at Shockers
won 9:5, me 5 goals

I had an excellent pre-workout at Anytime Fitness.
We played with no subs. Sterling saved the day.
I played finally well, with a lot of runs and shots.
Having no subs definitely helped.


Sterling gave me a good back pass in the first minute, but I shot over the net. Then Zach passed me and I nailed it - 1:0. The second goal was mine as well, scored with the left foot. Half-time was 3:2 for us.

In the second half, I had a few chances but failed in the finish. And then after my shoot, the ball bounced from the top post behind the net and out, and the ref called it a goal. They argued, but that did not help them. The fourth of my goals was an individual action and the fifth one was more like their own goal.

In the end, Chad kicked the ball from the other side of the field and almost the scored goal into the empty net. But it went out by a few centimeters:)

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