Activity 2024‑02‑04






Winter 2023 USA


D-1 FC 40 - Korona Eagles 40 4:1 (2:1)
SUASL Soccer Game (spring season; round 3)

won, me 1 goal
(+2 assists and 2 disallowed offside goals)

Finally, there was a game at 10 AM instead of 8 AM, like the last two weeks. Since there is no game in the next two weeks, this was probably my last SUASL game this season since I need to return to Europe.

My right knee was badly injured during this game. I finished the game and only realized how serious it was in the next few days.


In the very first minute, we scored our own goal when Mike passed Luis (goalie). Meanwhile, he ran out of the net, so the ball just went to our net slowly. This did not discourage us, and we have played well since then. Max passed the Kit, and he scored our first goal.

Then it was my time. BJ gave me a good pass from the right side, and I kicked it into the empty net. The goal was not allowed because of offside. How it could be offside when it was back-pass is beyond my comprehension:)

A similar situation happened shortly after on the other side. Max passed me from the left side in front of the empty net, and we were winning 2:1

In the second half, I did whatever it took to give a good pass back to Max. He wanted to score a goal so badly, and he got a lot of chances, too. One of those times, I passed him again, but the defender bounced the ball to Bryan, who scored our third goal.

Then I scored another disallowed goal again after Kit's pass, but it was really offside this time.

The fourth goal was a masterpiece. Trent gave a long pass on the right side; I ran fast and barely caught it before the finish line. I saw Bryan in front of the net, but he was covered. But BJ on the box was free, so I gave him a back pass; he received the ball well and scored into the side of the net.

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