Activity 2024‑01‑23






Winter 2023 USA


Shockers at ARAD (1st game of the new season)
won 11:5, me 3 goals

It was a hard day! I charged my car battery all day, only to find out in the evening, when I went to One Stop Nutrition to get a dinner shake, that the battery was still broken and the car would not survive the journey to the ASC.

But Aleks saved the day. He came to pick me up and also drove me back. I even made it to Anytime Fitness pre-workout; I had to run there fast and on the wet road because it had been raining all day.

I covered my Garmin watch with parts of old socks, and this time, they let me play with it the whole game.


It was another easy game. The initial line-up scored three goals quickly (one of those was mine), and before we even sub, it was 3:0. I did not run as much as I used to because in the morning I had some back pain and I also felt bit overtrained, so my goal was not to get injured on the first place.

We had a penalty shot at the end of the first half, which I took and scored. On 2023-12-19, I missed one of two penalties, so I was waiting for another opportunity when I could boost my confidence again. And it came today.

The second half was easy as well. I scored one additional goal, with a bit of luck between the goalie's legs.

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